Abba: Finding Comfort in the Father After Your Parents’ Divorce


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That’s Who God Is

The statistics are staggering — half of all American children will see their parents’ marriage end in divorce. There is undeniable proof that many children of divorce have been trapped by negative effects all too common. Many in today’s society tell them the best they can hope for is that they “adjust to their new situation.” But God has not called us to “adjust,” He has equipped us to overcome!

Author Jenny Kutz openly shares her own story of going through the divorce of her parents and invites you to discover what she has learned as she has moved from brokenness to victory. Through guided, honest self-evaluation and reliance on the truth of God’s Word, you too can discover that you have a Father God, One you can call Abba — who loves you unconditionally, who cares for you lavishly, and who will never leave you or forsake the relationship you have with Him.

The words of this book will bring healing for your heart. The truths contained in these pages are powerful enough to bring restoration to even the most desperate of lives. Never underestimate the power of your Abba Father. He can fill your heart with love and forgiveness and can mend a broken heart to love again. Abba, Father. That’s who God is.


From the Back Cover

Divorce is an uncomfortable topic that nobody wants to talk about. Yet, it is happening everywhere you look – even in our churches. Even though the divorce rate is lower in the church, there is still no question that it’s still present and is constantly growing. The enemy is out to destroy marriages and now there is a generation in which half of the people don’t know what it means to be a father or a mother because they didn’t have that example before them. While divorce may seem like a hopeless situation, like a ceiling limiting a young person’s future – it’s not. There is hope and that hope is in Jesus Christ.

At 17 years of age, Jenny Kutz experienced the pain of her parents divorce. She feels that this book is her responsibility to write to young people now that she is on the other side. She has experienced the hurt and disappointment of divorce but was able to come through all that with God’s faithfulness that sustained her. She encourages the reader to understand that God has a wonderful plan for them in spite of what circumstances they have experienced growing up. Life is not over. Hope is not gone. The adventure is just beginning.


About the Author

Jenny Kutz, minister and author, has been a part of ministry for as long as she can remember. She started preaching in children’s church at the age of 12 years old and has continued to minister ever since. She attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK in 2005 and studied Worship Leadership and Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis on youth. As the granddaughter of well-known ministers, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jenny has seen faith and love lived out in a real way. She has had hands on training in ministry through various mission outreaches, serving in the local church and assisting her grandparents as they ministered. Jenny has faith to see this generation rise up and live out the great commission. Her heart is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread to the nations. Out of that desire, Jenny began Love to the Nations, a ministry dedicated to share the Love of God to people who have never heard. She also founded Global Girls Bible Study, an online Bible study for women from all around the world.

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