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Pocket Bible on Finances: Scriptures to Renew Your Mind and Change Your Life


What’s In Your Pocket?

Each one of us has a set amount of space to carry our daily necessities— A purse, wallet, smart phone or backpack. But are these really the most important things we carry with us?

In this hectic world, with ever-changing fashions and fads, wouldn’t it be great to ground yourself in the eternal? Set your mind on something that will never change and will always apply to where you are today— the Word of God.

The Pocket Bible on Finances equips you with the necessary scriptures to understanding God’s supernatural ability to meet your every need. As you read and meditate on these scriptures, faith will begin to rise in you for supernatural increase. Spend some time in His Word and discover His financial plan. Learn from a variety of Bible translations including the New Living Translation, the Message Bible, the New American Standard & the New International Version.

Whether traveling or maintaining your daily routine, carry God’s Word with you and put your trust in Him. The Pocket Bible on Finances— Don’t leave home without it!

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