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Kits - Communion

Kits - Communion

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Communion Kit 1 – Wine, Wafers and Cups


This kit contains
✓ 100 PC’s of Wafers
✓ 75ml of Wine
With 5pcs Cups


Wafers: Made of pure wheat flour and water, these white wafers measure 1 1/8″ across (slightly larger than a quarter).

  • 100 wafers packaged and sealed in portable plastics for durability.
  • 18 month shelf live after production.
  • Ingredients: Wheat Flour and Water

Wine: 75ml Non Alcoholic wine specifically made for communion

  • Can be diluted with water
  • good taste for everyone.

Cups: We have different kinds of Communion cups (Reusable Plastic Cups, Acrylic Cups, Stainless Steel Cups…) This kit contains Reusable Plastic Cups/ Acrylic Cups.

Communion Kit 2


This set contains
✓ 100 PC’s of Wafers
✓ 75ml of Wine
✓ 1 Portable Communion Set having
••25 Cups
••Wine Container
••Wafers Container
••Portable Box

Perfect for Personal/Family use, Missionary Assignment, Small groups/fellowships and as a Gift to Mentors, Pastors or a respected Christian family.


Communion Cup Filler – Squeeze Spout Bottle, Wide Mouth


The Wide Mouth Cup Filler Bottle – Communion Cup Filler

Simplify your Communion Service preparation with this Communion Cup Filler: Squeeze Bottle. The non-drip spout makes preparing Communion trays faster and more efficient.

The bottle’s non-drip, screw-on spout allows for the convenient filling of approximately 75-80 communion cups while preventing any unnecessary spillage. Made of durable plastic.

Fills 75-80 glasses, approximately 36oz

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Communion Cup Filler, Button-Release


Button-Release Communion Cup Filler made of non-bendable durable plastic, tested personally by our local church and proven to be of service for years of repeated use. Our pourers/fillers are designed for durability and longevity to offer you a long-term solution to your wine pouring and preparation needs.

This lightweight cup filler is an efficient means of filling communion glasses. The filler is made of polypropylene and has a three-inch diameter. No more spills…Just press and release the button to release the desired amount. Holds enough juice (approx. 16 ozs.) to fill approximately 22 glasses.

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Deluxe Portable Communion Set with glass cups


The Deluxe Portable Communion Set is a contemporary and stylish new half-circle, molded case with an elegant cross molded into the lid, and quality heavy-duty zipper closure.

When opened, the Deluxe Set lays flat with the lid doubling as a serving tray, which secures the stainless steel bread container and 6 communion cups.

The main compartment of the set is a molded insert that supports and protects 6 quality glass communion cups and a clear 50 ml. juice container with a screw on top.

The Deluxe Set features a padded, cloth divider to cover the unused serving components when serving communion.

Portable Communion Set – In Remembrance, Maroon


For the pastor, deacon or missionary on the go. Portable communion sets provide the tradition of accepting the body and blood of Christ, while adapting to a variety of circumstances. Perfect for hospital visits, nursing homes, shut-in ministries, prison ministries, and more. And now, equipping multiple ministers is possible because of the great low price! Value

Features Include:

  • Each portable communion set contains 25 disposable cups in a reusable plastic sleeve, container for juice, container/server for communion bread.
  • Packaged in a heavy-duty cardboard box, wrapped in a leather look paper, with padded cover and magnetic closure.
  •  Outside top of box reads “In Remembrance” in gold foil stamp.
  •  Portable set is perfect for pastors and other persons with responsibility for taking communion to shut-ins, hospital patients, and others unable to attend traditional worship services.

Prefilled Communion Cups (Wafers + Wine sealed in a cup) – Pack of 100, 250 and 500


Indigenous Prefilled communion sets which are double-sealed and disposable. The elements are prepackaged, with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container. Peel back one seal to remove the communion wafer. A second seal under the wafer is then removed for juice.

  • Hygienic, with double-lid technology
  • No preparation necessary
  • Easy to serve & perfect for any venue
  • Long shelf life (1-year)
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