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Candles & Candle Supplies

Candles & Candle Supplies

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Ark of the Covenant Replica Statue Gold Plated Gold Plated Statue with Contents Jewish Testimony Judaica Israel Gift Tabletop Decor

  • Beautiful statue replica of the Ark of the Covenant. The cast metal Ark is covered with Gold and sits on a Copper base that says “Ark of the Covenant”; Solid Construction Mounted on a metal base with Protective Felt Bottom from Jerusalem Israel.
  • Most Beautiful & unique items not found in stores. Made in Jerusalem and Nazareth (the HOLY LAND) Offering you High Quality Items.
  • The Ark of the Covenant, also known as the Ark of the Testimony or the Ark of God, is an artifact believed to be the most sacred relic of the Israelites. DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE A SMALL PART OF HOLY LAND IN YOUR HOME!

Select Variation Below to View Actual Dimensions of the Different SIzes.

135,000.00958,000.00 39% Off

PATENTED Imported 7 Candlestand – Brass


A 7 stand to hold altar candles.

Our designs are PATENTED. Not to be reproduced without authorization from Life Eternal & Company and IGOTO Group. Voilators will be sued.


Prayer Tallit Prayer Shawl Blue/Black Stripes


Designed in Israel, this Jewish prayer shawl for women and men has the Hebrew blessing of the prayer shawl on the collar. On this same collar there are symbols of the pomegranate, an ancient fruit symbolizing fertility, and abundance, the 10 Commandments and hands reached out in prayer.

Colors are shipped at random.


38,600.0057,000.00 27% Off

Premium Menorah Lamp Stand


Classic menorah Type: 7 Branches

Original design! Very impressive piece of art! Your souvenir from Jerusalem Israel

Brightly glowing Hanukkah menorah. Shallow depth of field. Image of Jewish, chanukiah, celebration

Types of menorah: The Temple Menorah, The Chanukah Menorah and Hanukkah menorah

92,000.00100,100.00 22% Off

Shofar The Sound of God


Made with the raw horn of an animal of the Bovidae family, this HalleluYAH horn is 100% authentic and natural made in Israel.

The HalleluYAH Shofar Trumpet Set ~ This set includes a half polished Kudu Horn Shofar, a shofar carrying bag, sound of God book and anti-odor spray.

The original shofar horn has been used for over 4000 years for Jewish religious and spiritual purposes. This unique musical instrument uses the power of wind and it emitsa mysterious, uplifting, and reassuring sound that touches your soul and makes you feel connected to God.
360,000.00 12% Off

Heart Marquee Light Gift


Heart-shaped battery-operated marquee light with a gold finish. Uses LED lights, extra bulbs, and hanging instructions are included. The lights can be timed.

Our light up sign is sure to light up hearts.

● Perfect for your little one’s name.
● Perfect gift item for mom, grandma, a friend, or lover.
● Perfect self buy (love thy self).
● Perfect for your brand.


Out Of Stock

LED Pillar Candle – Artificial Lights

  • 15cm height.

2AA battery required not included. 21A31.

Perfect for an event and home decorations. And as a gift!

Tip: Add this LED candle to our Condolence Gift range.

2,500.00 17% Off

Shekere – Maracas Praise Instrument – Beaded Gourd


Sold per PIECE and not Pairs.

This musical instrument is made of Vine Gourd and produces delightful rythm that keeps you movig in sync. It’s a special African instrument that brings the African Touch to your music, album or events.

Available in different colors (shipped at random).


Altar Bell Imported


Solid Brass Hand Bell.

Highly Polished to a Lustrous Shine.
Full Rich Tone and Sound As A Functional Premium Bell

  • Perfect for Altar/Service Proceedings and For Evangelism (Also used anytime you need to get anyone’s attention to an order of service, your message or prayer).
  • Can also be used in Schools, Homes, as Town Crier, in Hotels, Receptions, For Services, and as a Warning or Fire Servant Hand Bells.No Electrics or Batteries Required.
    Might have a Stained Hardwood handle (Stylish and Beautiful)

BAG ONLY – Modern Offering Box – Movable Big Wooden Aisle Offering Box



Can be bought individually for offering collection in large congregations or conferences. It can also be bought as an additional bag for our modern moveable offering bag. (Check the “Frequently Bought Together” below).

Bags are detachable from the frame for easy wash.

This offering bag is quite big. If you are looking for a portable/moderate-sized offering bag, please check the “Related Products” below or simply search for “Offering Bags”.


20,200.00 33% Off

Holy Water Font Entrance Water Pot Crucifixion With Angels Font – Antiqued Brass


Sold as a Pair.

  • A beautiful Brass Crucifixion holy water font crucifixion with angels, finely crafted with attention to detail.

Crucifixion With Angels Font – 12 Inch – Antiqued Brass

Holy Water Font are used by Catholics, Celestial Church of Christ, Cherubim and Seraphim churches etc. ⛪ Could be hung at the entrance of the Church.

  • Ready to hang with a hole in the top of the cross, the font measures 12 1/4″ tall

Holy Water Pot with Sprinkler Set, Imported, Brass Hammered


Sold Per Piece.

This Holy Water Pot with Sprinkler Set from IGOTO and Life Eternal Limited™ is made of solid brass to meet high standards and features a detailed design. Careful attention was given to every detail of fit and finish to ensure years of use.

  • USE AS A COMMUNION SERVER: There are a lot of small fellowships, Christian event planners, Small Churches, etc. who have a small Communion service budget. Here is your quick fix: Get your Pre-Filled Communion Cups (Wine only or Wine & Wafers in a cup) fill our signature Brassware and pass it around! Voila! Communion is served 🤩 No Prep. No Trays. Just Ease 😜
  • USE AS A FLOWER VASE AT YOUR OFFICE, HOME, OR WHEREVER/EVEN AS A PROP: At Life Eternal HQ, we have a bunch of these as flowerpots 😁 You must have seen it recently in our book shoots specifically last week Friday. It’s a way of Living a Champagne Lifestyle on a Zobo Budget!
  • USE AS A HOLY WATER SPRINKLER: Isn’t that the original purpose? This Patented Brassware comes with a sprinkler…Simply fill the bowl with water, dip the sprinkler, and administer in your congregation. We have a lot of White Garment Churches and Catholics using our Brassware! Iya_Pokulowoe Manufactured it and we sell it worldwide.
45,000.00 75% Off
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