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Prophetic From The Center Paperback


“It is easy to sound prophetic from the margins; what we urgently need is to be prophetic from the center.”


Despite its centrality to the Christian faith, it s easy to overlook the gospel and instead speak out on more peripheral issues. This is a far cry from the New Testament emphasis on the gospel as the foundation of everything we believe.

In this passionate cry for gospel reform, D. A. Carson argues that if secondary issues consume our passions, then we re in danger of sidelining the gospel. We may be able to make compelling arguments for how we should live, but if these are not rooted in the gospel then we aren t speaking God s truth.

Carson shows us that if the gospel is centralized, prioritized, and pondered, it powerfully directs us on how to think about everything else. In fact, the best way to speak God s truth on secondary issues is to stand firm on the gospel.

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The Anti-Christ: Left Behind – The Bible Study Series


Based on the bestselling series by LaHaye and Jenkins, this study can provide the tools for small groups, Sunday school classes, and readers of the Left Behind books interested in learning more about the Antichrist.

Just the Bible Study Guide. Click this link to buy the Left Behind Book Series.

The Left Behind Collection II boxed set: Vol. 5-8, Tim LaHaye


A Novel series on the great tribulation, apocalypse and rapture. Fictional but Biblical.

This collection includes four soft cover editions of the best-selling Left Behind series. Collection II consists of books five through eight.

¶ Apollyon (Book 5)

¶ Assasins (Book 6)

¶ The Indwelling (Book 7)

¶ The Mark (Book 8)

Left Behind products have sold more than 40,000,000 copies and continue to be a global phenomena.


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The Shaking Of A Nation Paperback


As people continue to wonder why God would allow calamity to sweep the nation in the form of school shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters, author David P. Hill Jr. looks to bring Christ-centered answers to troubled Americans in The Shaking of a Nation.

Hill not only clearly explains the problems of our fallen nation, but he also articulates what Christians can do to be a part of the solution. The pages of both history and the future will come to life as Hill teaches about God’s sovereignty, His special purpose for the church, and His good plans for the United States.

Even as Americans continue to ignore and reject God, He is offering the great people of the United States a divine wake-up call. Having walked in disobedience too long, God is calling Christians to intercede on behalf of America. Will you be a bridge between God and a nation that has gone astray?

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Israel’s Prophetic Destiny: If I forget Jerusalem

  • Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

    God is never finished with His people, Israel–and God is never finished with you!

    Israel’s Prophetic Destiny reveals:

    • * The land and the people of Israel, their biblical history, present realities, and prophetic future.
    • * How to recognize the wrong ideas of replacement theology and anti-Semitism.
    • * How to pray for the unique nation of Israel, which remains precious to Yeshua’s heart.
    • * The role of Israel in establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.

    You can share in the Lord’s love for His people, Israel. By praying for His people, you will grow closer to the heart of God. Share His love today!

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